Do I need a Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy or Travel System?

Apr 04 , 2021

Do I need a Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy or Travel System?

Are you confused about the difference between a Pram, Pushchair, Stroller, Buggy and a Travel System?

Let us help you decide what you will need and when...

Nine months may seem like an eternity waiting for that all important, new addition to arrive. You’ve planned the nursery and colour scheme and now it’s time to think about how baby is going to travel.

For new-borns and young baby’s, the carrycot pram design which is very sturdy, fits many purposes and means baby is always facing you and can lie flat when out walking. Of course, being flexible the carrycot can be removed from the frame and become baby’s Cot or Moses basket until they are about 6 months old or can hold their head steady.

Once your little one reaches around 6 months, then the need for a pushchair comes into play. These systems often fold flat so are ideal for popping in the boot of the car or if out walking there is a choice of seat positioning, which means little one can either face forward and begin to explore and discover everything around or if that reassurance is still needed, then your little one can face you for that comfort. Many systems come with various adjustments, such as seat positions, footrests, and other options for little one’s comfort.  Most systems also come with the added bonus of handlebar height, for parent comfort.

Not so little now and taking their first steps as a toddler and all too keen to walk but then they become a little tired. So, a great option is a Buggy or Stroller, lightweight, foldable and a great option for holiday travel and often cheaper than the pushchair but not always as sturdy.

However, you may feel that a Travel System will cover all your and your child’s needs. These systems are usually a single frame with wheels, which will allow you to interchange various parts from a carrycot to a pushchair either facing towards you with a reclining seat or away to see the world. These systems often include a car seat, rain cover and that all important storage basket under the system for the essentials – toys. These systems can be more expensive initially but when you consider what this type of system gives, it can be a money saver in the long term.

Below are some useful tips to help you consider the features and needs that are best for you and your Precious Little thing:

  • I am holding baby, can I fold the system easily
  • If folding do I have to remove any part of the system from the frame before I can do so
  • Will the system fit into the boot of the car if laid flat, or stand upright in a corner of a restaurant or café
  • Will I need to buy extra’s such as a rain cover, or storage basket or does the system come complete with the extra’s
  • The parts of the system when not in use, how easy are they to store away
  • The systems wheels – how easy is it to control perhaps on cobbles, sand, or uneven surfaces and what are the wheels made of and are they easily punctured or lockable.
  • Colour and style – well that is personal preference but generally neutral colours as remember not one pretty pink system will suit all!!!!

Well, there you have it and we hope we have helped to banish some of that confusion but if you still have doubts and need more advice then please do visit our Precious Little Things store, where we will be only too happy to demonstrate and advise you further on the brands and various systems available to you and your baby.